Shooting black and white polaroids with Silvija

Not really. It's not polaroid film anymore. It's Impossible

Not long ago I had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful Silvija. She came to Italy from Lativa and when I stumbled upon her model profile I knew right away that she was the perfect model for the pictures I had in mind at the time.

Given her very pale skin I thought that the Impossible Project SX70 black and white film would have been perfect. Now, I don't want to be too technical, I'm not going to bore you to death with nerdy arguments, but really, this film is great when it comes to contrast if you know how to use it.

My goal was to create a series of moody and provocative images. The high contrast helps because it really enhances the skin tones, hiding the distraction and guiding the viewer's eye where I want. So I decided to underexpose just a little and take advantage of the limitation of the camera by using the slow shutter speed in my favour, giving a sense of movement to the pictures without overdoing it to the point to have just blurred images.

Silvija was simply perfect, this goes without discussion, and I think you can see how amazing she was by looking at the images.
When you use the right film for the right person, everything else just follows. Shooting Silvija was fun and easy. We had 8 frames and we nailed 8.

A photographer cannot ask for more, in my opinion.

100% keepers!